Rakesh Bansal
rakesh  bansal

Mr Rakesh Bansal,a postgraduate in Business Management, grew interested in the stock market in 1998 and is now a full-time market trader, mentor, and advisor. Equally, he is a prominently featured market expert on top Indian business television channels.

With his vast repertoire of knowledge and rich experience of more than two decades, Mr. Bansal has been mentoring and advising large numbers of traders and investors through his seminars. He is an expert panelist with Zee Business television channel where he regularly shares his market outlook and trading picks.

Rakesh Bansal is the author of three successful books on trading, Profitable Short Term Trading Strategies, Profitable Elliott Wave Trading Strategies and Profitable Trading with Dow Theory

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Rakesh Bansal has a passion for sharing his knowledge to the novice.

Rakesh Bansal Ventures offers you a rewarding opportunity to first hand learn the practical techniques of trading & investment and to employ them to profit in both the bull & the bear markets. To this effect, Mr. Rakesh Bansal shall himself coach & conduct the lessons with practical applications & case histories.